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At Spill It Sister a world of fashion has been curated into a carefully chosen selection of hard to find labels from across the globe and from our own town.  When you want something elegant, professional or just what makes you feel good, the Sisters will get you into something fabulous.  We know the fit of every garment in the shop so when you come in we’ll find the right piece for you.  We’re always bringing in new things so check in often, tell us what you like or what you’d like to see us carry.

Looking for a little extra service?  Book a personal shopping session any time, even after hours so you can have the store to yourself.  Bring some friends and turn it into a party!

Our  Shannon Station location at West 57th and West Boulevard makes it easy to do everything in one place: grab a coffee from Bean Around the World, do some shopping at Spill It, get your nails done at Open to Beauty, have lunch at Senova, pick up groceries at Choices – you can even drop off your dry cleaning and get your hair cut while you’re here!  Feeling a little rumpled after it all?  We’re happy to steam and refresh anything for you while you wait so you're ready for the rest of your day.

World Fashion in Kerrisdale Awaits You!


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1856 west 57th Avenue

vancouver, bc, v6p 1t7

phone: 604-568-0070

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Tuesday - Saturday

10:30am - 5:30pm

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